Microsoft has named the best Android smartphone OS

Despite the fact that a few years ago, comparing the advantages and disadvantages of iOS and Android has been one of the hottest topics today to talk about it out loud already missed. Whether the participants in verbal battles, defending your favorite platform, graduated from school and was not interested to argue and to prove something, whether both operating systems and indeed almost identical, but today, even having such conversations has become something obscene. Everything seems long ago already made your choice and now reaping its fruits. But Microsoft only this year came to the understanding that it is better for her, and now ready to share the reasons for his choice and his tardiness.

Microsoft Duo — the first smartphone Microsoft on Android, which was supposed to get Windows

This year, Microsoft first introduced a smartphone running Android. They became foldable Microsoft Duo, which though not similar to a smartphone in most usual sense, being rather a mini-tablet with two screens, Microsoft insists that this is a smartphone and perceive it to be so. First, the device to call, secondly, it has a form factor of foldable smartphones, and thirdly, it does it on Android, and it really is a smartphone, albeit unusual.

Best operating system for smartphones

The first time when Windows would be better than Android

In the words of Panos Panay, head of Microsoft Devices, Android today is the best and most promising operating system, which you can think of for mobile devices. For many years Microsoft tried to ignore it, developing its own platform, but admits a top Manager, all efforts were in vain. Windows Phone was never able to compete with Android, which has grown to unbelievable proportions and now is the main operating system in the smartphone market.

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“Due to the fact that we are too far behind, we had to start the race from the point where the users reside, says Panay. – This mark, ironically, was Google operating system. But if our potential customers are already using Android and I think its the best solution, should we again try to create a competitive solution? We at Microsoft believe that there is. In the past we have tried to do something, but, as practice showed, it only slowed us down, not allowing to develop with the market”.

The first Microsoft smartphone

Kind of ironic that many took the idea of Microsoft releasing a smartphone based on Android Duo quite skeptical. As it turned out, those who did not approve the idea, the company expected that it will release foldable mini-computer with a touch screen that would work on Windows and would perform desktop tasks. But more consumers are disappointed only the software developers who even made a petition to change.orgin which have demanded from Microsoft to release Microsoft Duo, but only in the version for Windows.

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Perhaps these people can understand, because Android over the years of market presence, has established itself as solely a smartphone platform without any claim to professional functionality. It is logical that this OS is not suitable for such advanced device, as Microsoft Duo, and it would be logical to install it on Windows, especially as Microsoft has a version that is compatible with touch control. Still a casual user is unlikely to buy a new product, which is rather designed for professional users. And if so, it appears that Microsoft screwed up again.

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