Microsoft growth in cloud services revenue by 22 %

The report revealed Microsoft’s past for the previous quarter for new growth in the company’s revenue from cloud services, which recorded a rise by 22% to $ 9.2 million.

Microsoft's cloud business can't be stopped

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While achieving Microsoft consistent profits from services productive services computers, check the company’s fast growth in cloud services revenue, which jumped by 22%, where the projections indicate that the revenues of the Azure is the main reason for the rapid growth in cloud services as it made Azure the growth in revenue by 73%.

On the other hand, Microsoft has made 8% growth in services of computers, i.e. the value of $ 10.7 million, where this percentage includes the revenue section of the Surface which increased by 21%.

While production services, which include both Office and LinkedIn by 14% or $ 10.2 million, and also increased the total revenue of Microsoft increased by 14%, as earnings rose by 19% and the value of $ 8.8 million.


I know of

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