Microsoft give Apple briefly becoming the most American value

Microsoft company

Briefly during the day on Monday, worked for Microsoft Corporation in the plan of Apple to become most valuable company in the United States of America. Succeeded market capitalization of Microsoft Corporation in reaching 813 million USD last Monday superior that the market value of Apple is estimated at 1 billion USD. Taking into account that the market capitalization of Apple had reached 1 trillion US dollars, has lessened the company’s market capitalization a lot lately, due to the modest performance of smart phones the latest company in the market, including the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR.

Should not say that Microsoft has not faced any challenges recently, but Apple was hardly able to deal with investors. Slowed its activity in the field of smart phones due to the presence of a list of very complex factors, but I tried to compensate the decrease of profit by raising the average price of iPhones through each year with a focus also on selling services that are based on the concept of subscription such as iCloud and the Apple Music.

On the other hand, Microsoft is working well with the services of the Azure cloud and Office 365 subscription, whereas the Games section ( Xbox ) at Microsoft forecasts strong thanks to the system a monthly subscription for Xbox All Access. By the same token, it is rumored that both Sony and Microsoft considered two launch devices games a new home in the next year or in the year 2020.

We expect the fourth quarter is very interesting this year. Apple introduced recently a new range of devices, including iPad Pro 2018 and a Mac Mini for the 2018 and MacBook Air 2018, which come in time for registration. Moreover, the partnership with Amazon store to sell Apple devices will also help to promote sales, and we look forward to see if the sales of phones iPhone new will be strengthened by the end of this year.


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