Microsoft finally launches Office apps on the store Mac App Store


Microsoft has finally launched Office apps on the store Mac App Store. All the Office application is now available for download there, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote and OneDrive. Customers will be able to also buy a subscription to Office 365 from within these applications directly, which is what is required for the use of applications.

Microsoft has updated these apps to run well on system MacOS, and through the support of many of the features that comes out of this system as the Dark Mode and the Continuity Camera which allows you to scan to a text document using your iPhone and display it immediately on the Mac, as well as to support the Bar Touch Bar in computers, MacBook compatible.

I was a pack Office are available on the system of the MacOS since many, many years, but she was always available through the official site of Microsoft. This was good at the time, but in today, where an increasing number of users on the App Store to get all their apps, the lack of apps on the App Store only to users entrust some additional tasks which is the richness of it.

Although it was supposed to say Microsoft this step since a long time, it is good to see the police say in the end this change, and even give users the possibility to subscribe to Office 365 within the app, despite the fact that the company abandoned part of the value of the subscriptions in favor of Apple.


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