Microsoft explains how it will allow you to xCloud playing Xbox games on Android phone

During the Game Developers Conference GDC this year, representatives of Microsoft team xCloud more details about how you will run the games designed units Xbox on mobile devices, so that they can players use either the controls via Bluetooth or the controls of the touch on the screen.

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Like the Stadia, the design of xCloud to be service games cloud that works to broadcast the experiences of high-quality units Xbox or computers. Began Microsoft’s range of Xbox games current, with a focus on external actors such as Forza Horizon 4 and Android phones, giving the company a willingness to work across operating systems and platforms these days.

Of course, the broadcast of a game designed to play on the Xbox on a mobile device, it may be a huge challenge, especially that users may rely on the controls to touch instead of controls and Bluetooth.

According to Gus Apostol, director of the main program that runs on xCloud, the way that would work without requiring developers to re-design their toys completely, is through a set of developer tools for xCloud, including Tool Touch Adaptation Kit and APIs from Microsoft.

You will be Tool Touch Adaptation Kit is a way for developers to develop controls touch screen easily on a play designed for use with controllers or mouse or keyboard. Microsoft says that all developers would need to a JSON file or JavaScript Objectation to set the required input in the overlay is exposed. Unlike the mobile phone outlets will Touch Adaption Kit on Azure and not so much in request codes games to re-arrange things.


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