Microsoft employees are demanding the company to withdraw from the contract to provide the army with a system of HoloLens

موظفي مايكروسوفت يطالبون الشركة بالانسحاب من عقد تزويد الجيش بنظارات Hololens

Microsoft announced last November for its cooperation with the United States government to supply the army of a hundred thousand (100.000) of the augmented reality glasses HoloLens is manufactured differently from the traditional design and supported with modern technologies for use in armed confrontations and battles, but this page come the day of the significant opposition of the staff of the company that they sent their opposition to the health claims of her withdrawal via letter to the director of Microsoft CEO Satya waitress.

Where the message includes staff expressing their concern about this page, saying, ” We are obsessing extreme of being Microsoft you are selling weapons technology for the US Army, which means help increase the lethality of the government of a country at the expense of the tools we have created with our own hands”.

In the message includes a large number of signatures of those staff who thought that the company has crossed red lines when concluding the transaction, zag himself in a tunnel weapons development, the airport staff responsible to withdraw from this contract and stop such attempts and the development of safety technologies as clean material requiring the police not to build these techniques and are reviewed by the external application.

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