Microsoft embraces Chromium and avoid Edge to Windows 7 and 8 and Mac

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مايكروسوفت تحتضن Chromium وتجلب Edge إلى ويندوز 7 و 8 وماك

The company announced Microsoft today officially announced its embrace to watch the Google encases the Google Chromium open source for the development of web browser of our desktop Microsoft Edge Edge, as the company announced that it will attempt to separate the browser updates from the system updates operating Windows 10, and the browser Edge is coming to all supported versions of windows and Mac MacOS.

Microsoft had launched the browser Edge in the month of July 2015 as the default browser for Windows 10, and exclusive to him, but he has not seen a lot of adoptions, claimed the company by September 2017 that the Edge works within a 330 million devices active, but they never revealed the numbers of active users of the browser, and once they exceed hundreds of millions, while Google said the browser by the for web Chrome meeting million active users in the month of May 2015.

You can browser Edge market share of 4.34 percent, according to the latest figures released by Net Applications, so you want Microsoft to make some big changes, which she says will happen “over the next year or so”.

And the first preview version of Edge-working-draft Google encases Google Chromium in early 2019, according to Microsoft.

Microsoft Edge-based project encases

The adoption of the draft encases Chromium means a lot for Microsoft, where he will be replacing the engine EdgeHTML engine Blink, as you will be replacing the engine dry cakra Chakra JavaScript engine V8, and it will take Microsoft some of the UI elements to use in non-Windows platforms 10.

Hopes Microsoft that the move to Chromium will help her create a better balance on the web to their customers and reduce the fragmentation of the web for web developers, given that platform’s web browser Edge will be aligned with web standards and other web browsers of the Treaty on the project Chromium.

And download software company reduce the waste of resources when you create a backend to the browser Edge, there is a lot of work for the editor update browser constantly to be compatible with standards compatible with actual web.

And Microsoft has let the community open source it instead, but you will be involved also, so that you can focus on improving the browser itself.

You may not get noticeable changes on the browser, because the changes are internal, and won’t notice most of the users Edge any significant difference except for some sites that will become works as expected.

The future of the engine EdgeHTML and Chakra

The browser uses Edge engine Blink/Chromium on Android and WebKit/WKWebView on iOS iOS, thus, when the Edge on the desktop to Blink and V8, you will choose the use case the main engine EdgeHTML and Chakra overnight.

Will be able applications for Windows 10 that uses the engine EdgeHTML or Chakra to continue in use, according to Microsoft, but, the company also for application developers to take advantage of the solution based Chromium which will be used by the Edge.

It is likely that this affects the normal applications that display web content, as they affect the web applications for progressive, which is basically sites portable try local applications.

Will be able to application developers therefore choose to continue to use the option of the old or switch to Chromium, and Microsoft says it’s not planning to stop maintenance engine EdgeHTML and Chakra, despite the fact that in the case of low usage, then developers expect the support to end.

Chrome extensions

In addition to compatibility best on the web, users can Edge benefit from support add-ons Chrome Chrome, Microsoft expects that it will be very easy for developers to bring the listed Custom Chrome Chrome to the Edge, and threaten Microsoft to support Chrome extensions current in the Edge.

All supported versions of Windows

Want software company delivering browser Edge to all supported versions of windows, where this is no longer the browser exclusively for its operating Windows only 10, this means that the Edge comes to Windows 7 SP1 and Windows 8.1.

This means for Windows 10 that the edge of the document to Chromium and future updates will come to version 1607 and Version 1703 and the version of 1709 and the version of the 1803 version 1809 of Windows 10, and all of this versions are supported by Windows, so you’ll get the latest version of the Edge until you finish the police support.

Supports Microsoft is currently Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows Server 2012 and Windows Server 2012 R2 and Windows Server 2016 and Windows Server version 1709 and the version of the 1803 version 1809, and Windows Server 2019.

And want Microsoft getting everyone on the latest version of Windows, but for those who can’t or refuse to upgrade, the company decided to offer the latest version of Edge to these devices, this means to bring the Edge to the older versions of Windows, including older versions of Windows 10.

Exist within institutions of the main computers are powered by all kinds of versions of windows, and became she can now get the latest version of Edge.


If you think that support for older versions of Windows is the choice of Microsoft only, think again, and where the company wants to bring Edge to macOS, and this is strange for several reasons, because they stopped development of Internet Explorer Internet Explorer for Mac OS Mac since June 2003.

Said Apple in return quit Safari for the Windows operating system in the month of July 2012, but Microsoft wants from all computers within the institutions to use the browser’s edge, and that requires access on a Mac.

The company does not anticipate driving a lot of users with Mac and Mac to turn to the Edge, but they want to make it easy for more developers who uses many devices to Mac Mac to test the edge, and relates to the issue of bringing the edge to the macOS Developer, not the market.

Increase the availability of updates

The company operates to update the Edge every six months, while at the same time update Chrome Chrome Firefox Firefox every six weeks, and associated updates to the Edge today updates to Windows 10, and the period of half a year as a long time for the web, where it takes a long time in waiting for compatibility fixes and performance optimizations and new features.

Microsoft says the updates are more iterative will be the focus of forward and expects to increase the availability of updates instead of waiting for six months.

And updates Chrome Chrome to all of Windows, Mac and Linux on the same day, while Firefox updates Firefox is set up to run Windows, Mac and Linux and Android on the same day.

And want Microsoft to have a version of Edge on Mac and Windows is the same, but it seems that it is still premature to that the company is committed to provide updates to the edge during the same day for all supported versions of windows and Mac.

Contributions encases

Microsoft says it intends to become “a significant shareholder” in the project encases Chromium, where you will get the company to improve the Chromium not only for Edge, but for other browsers also, not computers, but other devices also.

The priority will be to improve the web platform to make your browser based on Chromium the best on Windows devices, so that the benefit of Microsoft from the success of the web if it works well on Windows, the company estimated in last month’s contributions in the project of Chromium for Windows-based ARM.

The idea was to learn in time to transfer Chrome Chrome to Windows 10 on ARM, but it seems that Microsoft has been thinking bigger, so that the browser-based Chromium is 32-bit only, which means it works on the basis of the simulation only, and affect negatively on the battery life.

And want Microsoft to fix all the browsers based on Chromium, including Chrome Chrome in Edge, the company intends to continue to work to support ARM64, but she hopes to improve the access to the web via Chromium and take advantage of hardware features such as Touch support.

The reaction of Google, Mozilla and opera

See Google Microsoft’s decision on it is considerably good, which is not altogether surprising, given that Google has established a project Chromium is open source, a Google spokesperson told: “I’ve had chrome helper network open web since its inception, and we welcome the make Microsoft in the society, shareholders of the Chromium, and we look forward to working with them and with the community of web standards to promote the open web and support the user testing and evaluation of the experiences of browsing fantastic.”

And don’t say it words Google is that the company is still not satisfied with the Edge, as is still the Microsoft Store doesn’t allow browsers not working engine EdgeHTML, in the sense that devices running Windows 10 S Mode can’t install Chrome Chrome or Firefox or any browser third-party, and is still on Microsoft’s to say whether that will change.

And Mozilla at the same time step for Microsoft as a signal additional to that, users should switch to Firefox, a spokesman for Mozilla said: “this only increases the importance of the role of Mozilla as an independent single”.

“I will not acknowledge that the implementation of the Google web is the only option that must be owned by consumers. That’s why we built Firefox in the first place. And that’s why always fight for the open network really”.

And Mozilla permanently to the IT development browser only independent, in the sense that it is not linked with technical priorities are not in line with the site often, where I have all of Safari from Apple and Chrome from Google in Microsoft’s self-interest depending on the company responsible for the browser.

Believes opera company Opera, Microsoft you step smart, because they did the same thing six years ago, a company spokesman said: “We’ve noticed that Microsoft seem to follow the plan of my opera to a large extent”.

Added “switch to the Chromium part of the strategy has been adopted successfully in 2012. This strategy has proven as fruitful for opera, allowing us to focus on bringing unique features for our products. As for the impact on the ecosystem in Chromium, we see how it will appear, but we hope that this will be a positive step for the future of the web”.

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