Microsoft embarks on a plan to replace the browser its edge by Chrome special

Apparently it’s time to recognize Microsoft the capabilities of the Chrome browser defeat Browser its edge the owner of three years, it is expected to know the company this week for its plan to build a new browser based on the browser encases open source to replace browser Windows 10 the default Edge web site that told the company to match the modern design of the other browsers and Chrome on the face of the particular owner of the popular big, but that didn’t do the trick as it is a phenomenon.

The website Windows Central the first of the highlighted line move the new Microsoft implementation approach encases in the formulation of a special browser, where the website reported that the plan is known internally in the company as” Anaheim”, can predict if this will continue, hostility between the days and chrome, who knew his prayers, and his popularity on various devices thanks to Android and the High used on computers Mac and.

A process engineer of Microsoft with Google on the hardware support Windows operating بـARM by a special chrome introduction to this step the manual a concrete approach next maybe; unlike the Proceedings of the former taken by Microsoft to alert users of the Windows 10 of the committee’s Chromium browser as deliberately to pull out of the App Store also to change everything today.

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