Microsoft development web cameras new for Xbox One, computers, Windows 10


Why launches the Microsoft web camera New several years ago, but if the content of the report which was released recently is true, perhaps we’ll see cameras new web site of the company in the next year. The report states that Microsoft is working on several new models of web cameras note that one of them will be compatible with 4K, and will work with both the Xbox One and computers Windows 10.

Citing two separate sources, reported the website Thurrott that the web cameras of the new Microsoft-compatible computers, Windows 10 will feature Windows Hello. This will be the first time that the provides the Microsoft Corporation property of authentication this in a separate camera.

May provide a new webcam also features similar to those provided by peripheral Kinect on the Xbox One. Some of the features of Xbox One they gets missing already for these features, given that Microsoft no longer sells this accessory for the device. Will camera new web users log in automatically simply by checking in front of the camera. Has this also works with multiple users so that they can join the game session is under way by friends and family members.

The new report suggested also that is the launch of the webcams of the new as part of the selection Surface in the next year. Unfortunately, this is most of the information that has been disclosed so far about the webcams this, what this means is that we still don’t know how much will these cameras when they reach the market.


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