Microsoft developed a new application that allows for your iPad to remotely control computers Windows their

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Like Microsoft without a doubt that everyone using Windows on all their devices, including computers, tablets and smart phones, but the truth is that we use different devices with operating systems different. It seems that Microsoft has begun to respond to it because the strategy these days in the market of mobile devices arranged to embrace competition, develop their own solutions for the operating systems of other companies.

In fact, the killer app that users can iPad it is an application for computers their own remote. Was introduced this app by Scott Manchester, which holds the position of director of remote services at Microsoft. And displays the video, posted by Scott Manchester application can users of the iPad to remotely control computers Windows their own, as long as related to both to the internet.

Just like any application for remote control in computers, this new app will allow users to interact with personal computers of their own after using the screen touch-sensitive. But in the video, you can see Scott Manchester uses a mouse and a keyboard Bluetooth, which indicates that there is support for external accessories also, despite the fact that Scott Manchester explained that there is now support mouse Swiftpoint only.

This is a very useful feature, especially if we know that connecting to connect to your computer Windows doesn’t take a lot of time and does not suffer from intermittency. We’re not sure whether this speed is sufficient to achieve your iPad to the laptop running Windows, but things look fairly promising.

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