Microsoft decides to stop production of Console Kinect adapter


We had told you earlier that Microsoft has decided to stop producing terminal motion capture Kinect, and Microsoft has launched this terminal that the technology of the entity, for the benefit of your household the previous Xbox 360 to achieve tremendous success, especially in the markets of the United States of America, and Microsoft stopped to speak to this success with its current Xbox One launched with Kinect at 500$, but this strategy failed to detach the peripheral device and reduce the price quickly and in less than a year on the version.

Now here is the Microsoft learning also stopping peripheral Kinect adapter and is the terminal that help the Xbox One S, Xbox One X and the personal computer running Windows to run the terminal, and get rid of Microsoft completely from everything related to this terminal that did not survive in the market despite the beauty of the technology that they contain.

You will Microsoft to this technology in the future? Let’s see.

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