Microsoft continues to support Windows for phones

Windows 10 Mobile

Microsoft is the second time this year pleased with the manifestation of unexpected — and, therefore, even more enjoyable — caring about the users of Windows 10 Mobile, a mobile operating system that have long been considered one of the past software platforms. However, the smartphones under its management many like now. This means support for Windows 10 Mobile from software giant developed the world’s most popular operating system for computers continues.

Support for Windows 10 Mobile 1607 Anniversary Update was supposed to severities a few days ago, but in October 2018, Microsoft has updated their documentation and added a year to the support agreement, according to Surur (Surur) on the resource page with reference to

Windows 10 Mobile 1607 Anniversary Update will get updates until October 9, 2019

This means that mobile operating system, released awarding of software giant Microsoft in August 2016, will receive security updates from other updates until 9 October 2019. In addition, the users continue to turn to Microsoft for help and support.

It should be noted that Microsoft has extended support for this operating system a second time. Previously 6 months ago, in April of this year. It is noted that if the devices with the Anniversary Update is not installed new patches, their use becomes less secure. However, most business users today have already switched to alternatives to running one of the two dominant mobile operating systems — Android and iOS.

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