Microsoft confirms they won’t change the culture of the development teams of the games that was acquired by


Was Phil Spencer of Microsoft has announced the acquisition of the company on a number of development teams, known in the gaming industry, and that at E3 2018. Within these studios there is Playground Games and Compulsion Games and Undead Labs and Ninja Theory, and this is in addition to the founding of a new studio entirely The Initiative.

Some players were afraid to say Microsoft edit these studios to our strengths and become even dedicated the launch of specific varieties of games, and is something which he denied Matt Booty of Microsoft Network GamesIndustry:

What we want to avoid is that we have this list for certain types of games where we have a platform game, kids game character iconic, three games, game racing. I don’t want it. I think good content comes when you offer support to those creators who have their development teams great, and who are able to implement these ideas.

We don’t want to get in to change the culture of these studios, we’re not trying to impose the presence of Microsoft, but we make the studio feel the support and that he is strong and able to fully focus on the content.

It seems that Microsoft will play a big role at the level of first-party games in the next generation, where the police look very serious in promoting herself as a characteristic of the contents.

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