Microsoft compete AirPods across the Surface Buds

Reports indicate that the company Microsoft is developing headphones wireless subsidiary for its own brand Surface, which is likely to include built-in on the voice assistant Cortana Cortana, with the feature of noise cancellation, the method to determine the interactions between the phone and the headset to make the content read easier on the phone.

And the development of these new headsets under the code name Morris Morrison, comes after Microsoft shocked the online many in the late last year announcement of wireless headphones that carry the brand Surface.

It helped that the sky of the company on the open door to explore places that they can exploit its brand Surface, where they tend to hear the Surface System, intelligent control the performance of the Wireless is good, but it suffered from the cost, as they were not superior in terms of sound quality.

I heard those headphones users to talk to the assistant digital voice Cortana Cortana, the same way you can the owners of AirPods to talk to the voice assistant Siri Siri.

It appears that the following are the headphones wireless Surface Buds, similar to the Apple headphones AirPods, and according to the information, the company may attempt to launch by the end of the current year to get part of the market, especially among people who may not have Apple products.

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And Apple is the only company so far that has achieved the right balance between volume and price, honesty and reliability, and although there are a number of other companies that provided alternatives to compelling for the AirPods, such as the Jabra and the Bose, but there’s nothing easy to use such as the option to Apple TV.

And this is the first attempt of its kind, as the company sold in the previous headphones with music player the Zune own for several years, also boosted the software giant in recent years its product range to align more with the Apple TV, including her laptop Surface and Surface Pro and the Surface Studio.

It should be noted that Microsoft is not the company’s only technical which is trying to take this trend to gain market, as a report earlier this month that Amazon is also developing headphones wireless designed to compete with the AirPods allows its users to talk to the assistant Alexa, Alexa.

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