Microsoft chose to implement the Microsoft Authenticator for Apple watch

مايكروسوفت تختبر تطبيق Microsoft Authenticator لساعات آبل

After the launch of Microsoft to develop the Microsoft Authenticator for confirmation of entry, while providing a high level of security for accounts Microsoft for Android and IOS phones in the past year, here are today planning a new step forward to provide the app for hours Apple watch, thus facilitating the process of login to Microsoft via the Confirm or cancel the request for access to the account through one click on the surface of the former.

Users can Apple watch smart to confirm the request to log in to their account by clicking on the number that appears them on the login screen, which in turn will open them to receive notices and mailing on board, even if they are users of the Microsoft platform already, they will be able to export the full data to their account from iPhone for with ease.

And Microsoft is currently experimenting with the application of Microsoft Authenticator for Apple initially, where plans made available to everyone officially in the next few weeks, and the app on the accounts of Outlook, in addition to accounts associated with Office 365.

If you are the owner of a watch, Apple TV and users accounts Microsoft you can now enjoy the experience the app edition of the experimental cross-registration through cross – link.

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