Microsoft choose to broadcast the content of the Android phones to Windows 10

Reviewed Microsoft last October a new feature in Windows 10 operating system – within the event devices surface – where the system can broadcast the content of the screen phones Android with application Your Phone, and today Water has become available to try through the latest trial version with the app’s existence.

Is through app review list of existing applications on the Android phone and login to it. Microsoft used mode of the terminal connection low energy consumption via Bluetooth to broadcast the content of the phone on the screen case, means that the feature is available for a small number of computers to be tested offline from a computer service Guam.

Since the water is still in the stages of testing early they are also available on a few phones including Galaxy S8, S8 Plus, S9, and S9 Plus, and will expand the list later to include more computers, phones.

That Microsoft would follow the same method of application as well as Bluestacks and it is expected to expand later to include older versions of Windows 10.

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