Microsoft challenge November 14 to launch keyboard and mouse for Xbox One

مايكروسوفت تحدد 14 نوفمبر لإطلاق لوحة المفاتيح والفأرة لـ Xbox One

Microsoft announced last September about supporting the Xbox One with a keyboard and mouse, and their operations test on the device, the company today announced the arrival of their unity games on November 14; after three days from now will be your mouse and keyboard are available for a number of games for the Xbox One, you’ll be my game Fortnite وWarfarm of months Games to experience the new approvals with the beginning of all.

Will be available to support tools attached on the 14 game time of launch include Fortnite وWarfarm in addition to the Bomber Crew وDeep Rock Galactic وVermintide 2 Royal Thunder, etc., and will provide support at the time of the last of November for some other games like DayZ وMoonlighter وWarface and of course many other games will support work with developers to provide games to promotions appropriate to enable players to use the attachments new.

In the same context of Microsoft’s support for its mouse and keyboard the company Razer plans to detect the first mouse and a keyboard wireless for Xbox One at the Consumer Electronics Show January 2019, and maybe that will experiment with different flavor for fans of the Xbox and allows them to use options and even more features in the play, the process of greater control over the mouse, especially in action games.

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