Microsoft begins testing reverse the screens of Android phones, and on computers Windows 10

Windows 10 Mail

Did you ever think it possible to show Android apps on computer Windows 10 your own? Well, Microsoft will analyze that to the fact through the application of Your Phone. The company detects this app for the first time in October of last year. Basically is allows unlike screen phone your Android on your computer, supported system, Windows 10. Now, Microsoft started to test this feature.

Allow the last update to apply Your Phone for Android users unlike the screens of their smart phones directly on the computers of their own. This app makes the feature ” phone screen ” available to users of Windows Insiders this week. Will need to those who want to try to download the latest version of Windows 10 and the application of Your Phone.

Reflects the the app screen Android phone directly on the computer that is running Windows 10. Also displays list of apps on the phone so that users can easily accessed even when the phone is paired with the computer out of the reach of them.

Says application to Your Phone unlike Android on computer Windows 10 via Bluetouth Low Energy Peripheral. This means that it will not be able to a lot of computers to run this feature unless you have the support of it. Limited the same application on some smart phones such as the Galaxy S8 and +Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S9 and +Galaxy S9 from Samsung. And Microsoft they will work on expanding the list of smart phones and personal computers supported in the future.

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