Microsoft begin supporting Android apps on Windows 10 via the application to Your Phone

The company announced Microsoft on Monday that the new beta version of the application “your phone” Your Phone supports the use of apps Android reside on users ‘ computers to their personal computers working Windows.

The company said in a publication on the middle of it: “you can now display Android phone on computer directly without having to search your phone”, then explain what are the devices that support the new feature.

As for personal computers that supports the new feature, it has Microsoft explained this by saying: “you can use the application to Your Phone your on any PC running Windows 10 with a version number 1803 and after, and any phone running Android 7.0 and later”. This requires a feature introduced a new screen running the latest prerelease version of Windows 10 is not compatible currently only with a limited set of devices.

The company added that the computer also needs to support Bluetooth with the mode terminal of the low power. Will your “service air” Surface to Go of Microsoft’s first device in the chain Surface supports this feature, to support the company’s other devices gradually.

As for the smart phones that support the feature, lost Microsoft explained that the feature is available on only four of the Samsung devices: Galaxy S8, and Galaxy S8 Plus, and Galaxy S9, and Galaxy S9 Plus. As well as the company will support more devices gradually.

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It is believed that this feature is a smart move from Microsoft to support smart phones and on personal computers running Windows, especially when it comes to Android phones that are most prevalent around the world with the proportion exceeds 85% of the market.

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