Microsoft back to the world of smart phones with Surface Duo dual-screen and Android system

Microsoft revealed about a new phone after a period of expansion and running Android as the Surface Duo with dual screen.

مايكروسوفت تعود لعالم الهواتف الذكية مع Surface Duo بشاشة مزدوجة ونظام أندرويد

Microsoft came to the world of smart phones once again, this time with a new innovation running Google Android and the dual-screen called Surface Duo is named after the device, the other initiated by the Surface Neo today also and running Windows 10X comes in a larger size of women operating running Android.

New device comes with a dual screen measuring 5.6 inches each, and can use both together or use one as a keyboard.

Unlike Surface Neo big which is running Windows 10X, so you know Microsoft is about many of the details about it.

This machine is characterized by high flexibility and allows fold up to 360 degrees, and in hands such as folding and especially the Samsung Galaxy Fuld.

Maybe we need more time to find out more details about the new phone from Microsoft, but is expected to provide a work environment compatible with the Windows 10 operating system to provide more options for users to complete their work, similar to what the Samsung with system DeX that turns phones Galaxy leading to a desktop when connected to computers regular.

All in all, expected to be available the new phone in the next year, 2020 the company of his older brother working Windows 10X.



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