Microsoft announces Xbox One X in white were governing Elite white

مايكروسوفت تعلن عن جهاز Xbox One X باللون الأبيض وذارع تحكم Elite بيضاء

As usual with Microsoft and their games Xbox, the company has launched special edition of its Xbox One X this time in white, similar to what I did with the Xbox One S previously. It also unveiled a joystick Elite in white too.

The new device will come with the same specifications as the regular for Xbox One X but the only difference is that it comes in white in the top section and comes with an arm control plain in white with control buttons black. It will be available for $ 499.99 and$ users in the United States at the current time, it will be launched globally on 14 November. Note that it will come with the initial version of the game Fallout 76.

On the other hand, the company has launched a joystick-type Elite wireless issue special, which comes differently with a number of plugins such as the form of control buttons and musk from the back, and there will come this time in white, at a price of$149.

As a reminder, they do not contain the Bluetooth feature, which means that she can’t work on regular computers as was the case with arms control own version that download Bluetooth.

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