Microsoft announces the advantages of the next update of its application OneDrive

مايكروسوفت تُعلن عن مزايا التحديث القادم لتطبيقها OneDrive 

As we got back Microsoft, any new update for its applications the main, know about its merits before releasing it to the public, where the company disclosed the most important advantages and improvements that will come on application by OneDrive “OneDrive”, whether on Android or iOS, to be release this update to everyone over the next few days.

Generally the most notable of the new additions is the feature of Camera Upload which will be available only on the Android platform, also there will be significant improvements to service MyAnalytics in OneDrive on both systems, so if you are using MyAnalytics with OneDrive, you’ll notice that there are new entry points to number of views and context menus for individual files, which aims to facilitate see everything at first glance.

You will also receive the addendum improvements directly to make the view count more accurately, and should match the conversions available on the web OneDrive, as well as to update The Associated increase signal “common file” of the application.

In relation to the first feature is the “Camera Upload” as noted will be provided on Android only, and by the way, we saw during the last week of the trial version of the application, from where users will be able Android to upload photos automatically to your camera album on the device and to account for OneDrive for business, to take advantage of this feature you must first enable it by going to view within the account OneDrive for business, and on the images tab, then you will be prompted to activate it.

Finally very likely to see these changes over the next two days and appreciated, so if you are a user of OneDrive continue with app updates on his page, whether on the shop Google Play or the App Store.

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