Microsoft announces new version of the gaming device Xbox, the Xbox One S.. Disqus your standard 1 TB!

Microsoft announced Microsoft about the new version of your video games Xbox Xbox One S, which is distinguished from previous versions by not having a reader for tablets laser, and replacing disk storage (hard yours) with a capacity of 1 that, in addition to reducing the price of the device by about $ 50 compared to Xbox One S current.

Published platform Xbox One S All-Digital blog on the account by the official, stating that she will put her version of the New next month at a price of 249 $ (4,300 Egyptian pounds approximately), as confirmed by Jeff Gates, general manager of marketing platforms and devices at Microsoft, that the version of the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition is $ 50 dollars for the Xbox One S, with the expectations of the governorate of Microsoft on this price difference at least between the two products.

Besides tend to the organization of modern disk storage HDD capacity of 1 TB, IT technical support my 4K and HDR, as it is entirely dependent on the logic games from the internet as the only source for games.

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