Microsoft announces monthly subscription plan to pack Xbox integrated devices include games

مايكروسوفت تعلن خطة اشتراك شهرية لحزم Xbox متكاملة تتضمن الأجهزة والألعاب

I’ve already talked about what you ate websites technical about Microsoft’s intention to launch services to new Xbox, the width of the device with monthly package fully integrated, the company has confirmed today its plan before you pull the news moments later, and then posted it again explaining the details of the new.

The company has commenced proclaiming the message of sweeten for people who don’t have the Xbox, taking advantage of the opportunity and join the family and enjoy the new, currently available in the United States.

And my new plan to provide Xbox One X and Xbox One S to the monthly service Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold, which provide more than 100 a game, where the shared gaming device to the plan of the new house of the company, the full services Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold for 24 months without payment at discounted prices in installments over 24 months interest-free.

Where can get the One S is accompanied by all the additional services, with monthly payments of $ 21.99$ installments over 24 months, without interest rate. For a total amount of approximately 528$, which provides the consumer 130$, in the case of the purchase of the device and services separately.

As for the One X, which is the highest price, it is the same system of payment installment for 24 months, without interest rate, but they start $ 34.99$ for the company.

Facilitated the Microsoft acquisition of its devices supported by the monthly games with this great plan, and we only wait to see the effectiveness of your plan, and start applying it outside the United States.

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