Microsoft announces game Minecraft Earth to prevent my Andorid and iOS

Announced the software giant Microsoft for the augmented reality game Minecraft Earth which is designed for users on the platform has landed iOS, Where to apply to devices in the summer of this year.

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Was Microsoft has launched a teaser during the financial period on the new version of Minecraft games comes with augmented reality for smart phone users, today Microsoft asserts on the title of the new version of the games which involved the title of the Minecraft Earth.

The game Minecraft Earth many models of the famous Minecraft and the favorite for the lovers of this category of games, how come the game also has new models Microsoft offers more details about later, is also scheduled to allow the game Minecraft Earth feature exploration and the search for new models, build and strengthen models of the players, along with the search feature for new resources and engage in talk with others.

Of course, as one of the augmented reality games will be the game Minecraft Earth is also search in the real world about new models, or pieces and parts that enhance the player’s own model, as the player can enjoy the experience of augmented reality come in models sized more realistic.


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