Microsoft and Sony announce cooperation for the first time in the area of platform games

مايكروسوفت وسوني يعلنان التعاون في مجال الحوسبة السحابيةMicrosoft and Sony announce cooperation in the field of cloud computing

Microsoft and Sony announce cooperation in the field of cloud computing

Despite the clash of their intimate in the area of Broadcast, Electronic Gaming, but a rare collaboration had been announced in the past few hours between the two giants Microsoft and Sony .

And Sony PlayStation, while Microsoft offers the platform Xbox for the games .

Processing of Ramadan in the Saudi Arabia market

Said a statement jointly that the two companies plan to work together to build future solutions in the cloud, Microsoft Azure, which supports gaming and streaming content.

Sony benefit

Used Sony also data centers of Microsoft’s gaming systems current, and can open the agreement the possibility to switch in the future, despite intense competition between them in this area.

Observers expect that the use of data centers to Azure and the transition in end-to-cloud solutions from Microsoft should allow Sony to focus on its statute instead of trying to solve technical problems.

Finally, you will use the Sony services are also artificial intelligence from Microsoft to improve the user interface of its products.

This is about Sony, but then what will become the Microsoft of the page?

Apart from the addition of a major customer to its cloud profitable already, the police will be able to access image sensors Sony, which plans to use them to create “new solutions for sensor and Smart Sound”.

A win-win situation .

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