Microsoft and Google will compete for Android players

The recent Conference of game developers (GDC 2019) was one of the most interesting and memorable events of recent times. During the conference was announced not only new games, but some ambitious services and platforms for these games. Google has announced a new, but not new to the industry, the gaming cloud service, which is called Stadia. A new service from search giant is a continuation of last year’s Project Stream, which the company tested for several months. However, in order not to sink into oblivion, Microsoft has decided to remind about himself, telling about his future game streaming platform and competitor Stadia, called xCloud.

With a name much more appropriate for this service than Stadia, xCloud – an ambitious attempt on the part of Microsoft, so to speak, to fill the niche, which tried to settle all the rest on the cloud games in the last couple of years. As expected, xCloud is designed to offer players worldwide with high-quality gaming experience on any device with a screen, although initially the company will provide these opportunities to play the acclaimed title it owners of devices based on the Android operating system.

XCloud is going to stand out, offering players the opportunity to play games on their smartphones without the need to connect any controller. Microsoft plans to do this by using a so-called Touch Adaptation Kit, a new tool that only requires a JSON file that will act as a map with custom controls overlay on top of the standard controls of a game. Unlike classic mobile ports, Touch Adaptation Kit will work on Azure and does not require deep immersion in the game code to change the default control scheme.

In addition, xCloud will be a new cloud API that will adapt to best fit on the smaller screens of mobile devices text and in-game interface elements. Microsoft has not announced when is going to start testing its service, but with high probability it will happen this year, because companies have to compete with the Stadia from Google.

The whole idea of cloud gaming services seems very questionable, because such has tried to turn not one company, but every time something did not work. All concluded that such services are now just useless, and their prospects seem good only in theory. Personally to me this whole idea of online gaming was very impressed, I would love to watch how cloud gaming market is starting to go the giants such as Microsoft and Google, and look forward to when you will begin testing all this joy.

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