Microsoft, Amazon integrates a aides phonetic cortana, Alexa

مايكروسوفت وأمازون يدمجا مساعديهما الصوتيين كورتانا وأليكسا

In the view private users in the United States, has Microsoft and Amazon merge her digital, during this week, which could be cortana (Microsoft’s voice), the alexa (Amazon), to call each other, accessing their application mutually.

It was the first announcement of the merger last year, followed by an explanatory description in the Conference of Microsoft developers in the beginning of the year, and is currently seeking two companies to try to take advantage of the review and the comments of the audience of users, before the process ever extended to all their devices.

Considers the merger between assistants at the moment is targeting infrastructure to some extent, where users are required to call all of the assistants voice, a job interview can be described to high precision, by saying ” Alexa, turn on cortana” which in turn will bring cortana to the audio device, and ” Hey cortana, turn on the alexa,” will you do the same on Windows 10, or other devices such as the Hummer and Evoque.

With this feature, users can Alex from entering the Windows 10 and some of the tasks and the use of some applications, as well as for users of Windows 10 can log in Alexa and do some tasks and products, the state-controlled smart home.

And Amazon and Microsoft to develop the potential merger in the future, and provide them with further specifications, for example property home or play music is not currently available.

And cortana is far from the specification qualifies them to match Google or Amazon’s eco, fair Microsoft did not start for a moment to find the area of the motor or carry out the smart home

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