Microsoft allows to broadcast games to the Xbox and use the hand control

Can owners of the Xbox One game computer games on those platforms and use the hand control also.

This is possible thanks to the update application wireless display Wireless Display which lets the game games that are broadcast to your Xbox One, can use hand control to prevent a play for playing or presentations.

And adopt Microsoft’s Miracast to create a link between the incident and the Xbox One so that it can be broadcast to it by pressing the Windows logo button and the letter P. the app provides several modes of delay to play or watch movies from a far, but it should be noted they do not support broadcast content in a manner contrary to such broadcast content movies Netflix of the need to share it via Xbox One.

Microsoft had choose to apply its Wireless Display for several months past and under various names, but today it is officially available for owners of the Xbox One.

The idea of the app located under the windows across the feature to Connect and began to kiss as a screen Surface Hub.

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