Microsoft advises users to change to iOS or Andorid smartphones

In statements to the surprise of the giant, the authority recently, Microsoft has to direct users of Windows phones to connect to one of the platforms operating competition iOS or Andorid.


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I didn’t check Microsoft’s success or diffusion windows in smartphones, today, Microsoft officially failure of the Windows operating system in smart phones, where out official statements from the company there are the remaining group of users to switch to the platform iOS or Andorid.

Has been spotted recently already Thurrott level refers to the end of support for these phones from Microsoft, where the company sent notices to users of their Windows 10 refers to stop the Microsoft push security updates after the launch of UPDATE 10 of December of the year 2019.

As stated in the document that monitoring recently that Microsoft advises current users for Windows 10 to go to one of the operating platforms of other smart phones Andorid or iOS, also revealed the company’s statements about the decline of her virtual in the competition list, with the progress of the diffusion Assistant Google وAlexa in smart devices.

Recall that the first start to finish the platform run Windows 10 in 2017, as revealed by the lack of many apps for the operating coupled with the lack of interest of developers pushing new apps to the platform Windows 10.


I know of

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