Microsoft adds ad blocker for the browser Edge

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Joined the company Microsoft officially to fight against the annoying ads, where he announced the software giant for add a new feature for the custom operating systems for mobile devices iOS, iOS and Android from a web browser application of our named Microsoft edge Microsoft Edge, consisting of water including contraindications ads built-in, so the move comes after Google Inc. and Opera add software to block ads is built-into the browsers Google Chrome and Opera Opera.

Began Microsoft already putting the water to those who use the beta version of the browser edge Android, to the side of the program choose any SVN or iOS, that receives persons who use the fixed version of the browser this feature through the update of the future, the company chose the valley centre by the city of Redmond use software to block ads AdBlock Plus developer by the development company of the German Eyeo GmbH, which is the more software to prevent ads popular for users.

As is the case with solutions other ad blocking built-in browsers, the Microsoft’s solution does not require to download and install the software separately, can manage the software from the settings of the browser Edge, it can be said that this step is important, where the entry of software giant actually plan to fight the ads, it is software AdBlock Plus is one of the most kinds of software to prevent the ads aggressive.

And software AdBlock Plus to prevent the appearance of all ads, almost, so unlike the software to prevent ads embedded within the Google Chrome browser, which does not prevent the appearance of only the ads offensive from the point of view of the company, and prohibit most ads in most sites, making the step Microsoft as a bad news for sites that depend on advertising revenues, noting that Microsoft has battled with Adblock Plus to include this functionality directly in the browser.

It also includes a Firefox browser for the Android system developed by the organization of the Mozilla model of mind built-in ads, but being activated only in private browsing mode, at the same time, users can Samsung browser for the Android system to install add-ons Adblock to prevent ads within the browser Samsung

The company has launched the browser edge Android in the month of November last, and since then, Microsoft has issued a version of the browser designed for tablet computers, along with another copy of the browser dedicated to the operating system iOS iOS of Apple TV, and in the presence of 5 million downloads just browser through the Google Play store, the process of adoption of the browser is still slow.

It remains to be seen whether this step will help in promoting and increasing the popularity of the browser compared with Firefox browser on the Android platform, which got over 100 million downloads from the Google Play Store, or the Chrome browser Chrome the default which has more than million the process of installing on Android.

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