Microsoft add the appearance of light to the Windows 10 system

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مايكروسوفت تضيف مظهر فاتح لنظام ويندوز 10

The company issued Microsoft a preview version of a new operating system computers Windows 10 with the appearance of the Light Light Theme and improvements in the processes of story and print, brightness and the spirit, along with improvements to the advantage working hours the new smart source for the county’s unwanted by software update Windows Windows Update and it install the updates while using the user device, tracking the preview version of the new Lightning construction 18282 to Windows Update The following code name 19H1, which is supposed to arrive in the first half of next year.

The company bring the basis of Microsoft on development of Windows 10 as a service more than an operating system, which allows it to add features, enhancements, and changes to the new level, and issued previously six major updates of the system are Update month November November Update Update Anniversary Anniversary Update and update the the creators Creators Update and Update Fall Creators Update and update month April April 2018 Update Update October October 2018 Update.

The police stopped me for naming updates to Windows 10, and resorted to name it according to the month and year of release, and the program Windows Insider to watch him take advantage of experimental features before they reach the rest of the devices across the stable version, comes the new update After launched the major update named Windows 10 April 2018 earlier this year.

The appearance of the new Conqueror one of the first major changes in the appearance of Windows 10 since the introduction of the operating system by more than three years, although it was Users can change the color depending on the to ensure that the system is currently on the appearance of the light is applied to applications and other parts of the operating system, but it is not showing on the system level, so that wasn’t the white color option is available in respect of the taskbar and Start menu and notifications.

It is now easy to choose the appearance at the system level with options to choose the appearance of light or dark, Microsoft has added a default wallpaper updated in line with the new look, as well as provided Microsoft in the preview version of the new possibility-story window as the default option by using the tool clip, got narrator to improvements in order to provide additional information for users who have problems reading the screen.

Improved Microsoft Options Windows Update with the ability to turn off updates which are easily discovered, and became a feature of working hours smart now smarter, so that the system can tell when the user uses the device and adjust the work hours based on usage, to provide women a range of other improvements such as brightness settings, so that it remembers the system brightness settings, whether the device is connected powered or not.

The gate Arab News Technical Microsoft add the appearance of light to the Windows 10 system

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