Microsoft add search engine Google on the panel by Swift you

مايكروسوفت تُضيف محرك بحث قوقل على لوحتها سويفتكي

Late last year, the team announced panel work swift. “SwiftKey” and owned originally for Microsoft, integrate the advantage of direct search in the web, just like the search feature available on the color of the other competition Gboard from Google, given that Swift emulator from Microsoft, naturally, to be the Bing search engine is the main engine, however in a new update to the color of the Android the company added quietly search engine Google.

Therefore with this addendum, you will be able to level the plate Swift you perform searches without leaving the app, and choose between the search engine “ping” or search engine “Google” and, as we have pointed out that previously it was the search engine the first mentioned is the only one.

And with this official update, there is also a demo version of the color, where it adds the ability to resize the keyboard by dragging the squares border, finally you can download the official update to move to here, you can experience a demo version via File Download the APK from here.

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