Microsoft add a feature to share your screen for Skype on the platform Android and iOS


Is Skype an essential for a large number of users around the world for video chats, and Microsoft now make the the Skype app on mobile devices able to share the screen of the device. This feature allows you to share your phone screen with the person on the other end of the conversation to collaborate on presentations or online shopping with friends or even watching the operations of the withdrawal applications dating. Microsoft aims to bring the largest possible number of the Skype application for personal computers to apply them to portable devices to enhance the cooperation during the development.

As of today, users of Skype on the platform of my Android and iOS test the new feature, as long as they’re part of the Skype software Insider Program. After you install the trial version of the latest from the Skype application on your device and have a conversation, you will be able to activate the new Screen Share feature from the settings menu. Once activated the application will refer to that have been watching the screen, allowing you to pause the broadcast at any time with a single click the top left corner.


If all goes well the testing process goes smoothly, will Microsoft bring the Screen Share feature to Skype official on the platform Android and iOS in the coming months.


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