Microsoft acquires platform Flipgrid educational

مايكروسوفت تستحوذ على منصة Flipgrid التعليمية

The Company acquired the Microsoft platform Flipgrid specialized in the production of educational videos short in many disciplines to provide lessons to participants in an easy manner and a series.

Received education grant to a large popular during the last period, where I started as Vidku then changed the name to Flipgrid and able to achieve growth reached 800% over the last year.

Welcomes Microsoft in the development of the Department and its education to compete with Google in this area, where the latter heavily on the rest of the companies in the provision of educational services.

Microsoft will combine the services of the organization as part of the platform Office 365 for Education where the organization of your company’s many services in conjunction with Windows Education. As the company will provide services Free of charge to schools and educational institutions, and shared my Flipgrid that the direct contributions paid to the remaining.

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