Microsoft acquires a company specialized in education in the latest challenge of the

Microsoft acquired the company arising Flipgid specialized in the field of Education, she has a platform to discuss video used by over 20 million teachers and students around the world and adopt a system that allows students to discuss topics and respond to them through short videos of the home or in the classroom.

The platform includes Flipgrid process common to create a video on the YouTube site or news specific, and is used to students and teachers of this system in 180 countries, will Microsoft now apply Flipgrid free schools, will be the customers who have already paid for the subscription on the cash refund.

And Iran’s Majid, a senior official at Microsoft: “we are thrilled to see the effect of the company Flipgrid in social learning so far, and we look forward to helping them continue to thrive as part of the family of Microsoft,” he added, “We are strongly committed to ensuring that their platform and their products continue to work across the Microsoft Systems parking the rest of the systems to benefit students and teachers everywhere.”

And the process of acquisition of “Flipgrid” of the latest Microsoft in an effort to attract students, teachers, and Microsoft works hard on improving the offerings of Office 365 for Education and will help the acquisition of the new emphasis on the strengthening of the use of its products in the educational sector.

Continued Microsoft’s increasing competition in the educational sector of all of Apple’s standing in recent years, especially with the launch of Google for Chrome Facebook which is now dominating the environment of education in schools in the United States and some other areas around the world.

Microsoft is planning now to help in the development of the community Flipgrid will maintain the organization’s brand and its team, says Jim Leslie, CEO of Flipgrid: “now as a part of Microsoft, we have the opportunity to learn so that we can support all the info demanded in all over the world”.

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