Microsoft abandon tab apps in Windows 10

One of the more requested and important, may not launch Microsoft officially!. We’re talking here about the feature tab of the app, which allows you to navigate between applications as they are navigating between web pages browser where they are opened in tabs.

Microsoft started testing the waters recently under the name of Sets and sent them several updates to the experimental, but they now no longer appear with the latest version of Windows 10 checksum.

According to the site ZDNet, Microsoft has abandoned the idea of launching water because they care about Browser its Edge and prefer to give priority to as a web browser, to add in the feature Sets that was working thanks to the mentioned browser with the app overall.

A company spokesman said it was canceled feature Sets of the overall applications on Windows 10 as part of a long-term evaluation where the police need to give greater priority to the browser Edge.

It is worth mentioning that there are external apps, such as Groupy doing similar for this feature, but it was the best officially launched within the operating system.

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