Microscope Google with augmented reality detection of rapid cancer

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Will soon become a cancer detection and diagnosis much easier thanks to the techniques of augmented reality and its applications including microscope augmented reality AR microscope shop research Google.

In his speech, annual meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research AACR, reviewed the Department of medical research at Google research paper entitled “the microscope augmented reality discovery and automated rapid for cancer” (which is still under review). The system is an essential microscope augmented reality (ARM), which is expected to increase the speed of adoption of tools for deep learning Deep Learning has specialists diseases in all over the world.

Was code Google research Google Research Blog has recently revealed about the preparation of the Google microscope works with augmented reality ARM and the ability to detect cancer cells and diagnosis in real time, thanks to the application of techniques of “machine learning“.

The usual product in the discovery of the cancer with a microscope. the traditional time consuming as it requires a great effort of doctors to diagnose it. The microscope, which reviewed research Google recent they can determine the theme of the cancer cells quickly and then say, distinguished for diagnosis.

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And has the system on the microscope light with boards the image analysis and machine learning in the field of vision. Has the microscope on the screen with augmented reality and there is the screen above the camera that communicates with the algorithm to display the data as soon as they found the problem. Any that the microscope starts immediately in search of the cancer cells by simply placing the sample to be tested. And so perfectly similar to what the doctor is doing also features more quickly identifies whether a person has cancer or not.

Not limited research about the application of techniques of augmented reality on the cancer diagnosis alone, where you can use a microscope to replace the search for the diagnosis of tuberculosis and also malaria. It refers researchers to the possibility of mainstreaming the technical level of the world added for a microscope that currently exist in treatment centers. It may soon become an assistant useful to a specialist to diagnose the diseases in diagnostic and treatment centers support developing and developed countries alike.

It’s a good step on the road to further progress in the field of diagnosis of diseases and then began the journey of therapy for fierce and claimed the lives of millions.

Microscope Google with augmented reality detection of rapid cancer

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