Mi Band 3 mi VR mi TV 4.. the latest products from Shawty

Although the phone Mi 8 is the core product of the Shawty in the event of the Mi of the latter only that the Chinese company used the event to reveal a number of other stunts which includes the smart bracelet Mi Band 3, which creates a smart bracelet famous Mi Band 2 In addition to the new TV which is the Mi TV 4 and also new details about a virtual reality helmet Mi VR which was unveiled earlier this year. In this article we review the most important details of these products of the company Shao Chinese.

MI band 3

Mi Band 3 وMi VR وMi TV 4.. أحدث المنتجات من شاومي

Although the company replaced the event to reveal a bracelet a new smartphone Mi Band 3 However, the smart bracelet New has become the the details known after the last event where we now know that the bracelet is the new smart series Mi Band comes with a OLED like the Mi Band 2, but this time the touch diameter greater 0.78 inch where you think Shawty that it improves the trade terms according to the company the company is the biggest help to a better experience when you view messages and answer calls or to reject them.

Also return the smart bracelet with the same button the physical medium previously in addition to the battery life up to 20 hours which is the same as the battery life of the Mi Band 2, According to the specifications of the smart bracelet has been to improve the bearing capacity of the smart bracelet to withstand a depth of 50 meters under water.

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