Messenger will depend on the inconvenience of the users notices accepting applications for the new friendship


Of the most annoying things about facing users of Facebook, every time I accept the user requested friendship on Facebook, or accepted it from a friend, shows application messenger a notice that the parties have become more connected now to on Messenger also, which requires the user to leave the Facebook application and transition to the messenger.
According to the published site phonearena India. she acknowledged the Facebook recently that this is annoying, and it’s about solutions to this problem, so after the great suffering that suffered by some users especially those who do not prefer the existence of any notices not open on their smartphone.
However, Facebook does not intend to remove the notifications entirely, but will be used to network in the book “machine learning” to figure out whether the user of the quality of the people who interact with these notifications or not, and in the case of the exclusion of the user of this notification permanently, the Facebook will stop showing them to users.

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