Messenger, atoms and poker: what was the first version of Bitcoin?

This week the Internet has emerged a very interesting find — someone posted a pre-release version of the code of the Protocol of Bitcoin, developed by Satoshi Nakamoto. According to preliminary data, before the launch of the network of cryptocurrency Jan 3, 2009 people from the closed circle of confidants Satoshi had the privilege to study his achievements.

Prehistoric Bitcoin

Discussion in cryptocommunist erupted after the publication of the famous developer Francis Puleo. Two days ago, he shared a very old version of the source code Satoshi and a letter sent to a certain James Donald, where the Creator of Bitcoin had “main files”. Letter dated 17 November 2008.

I worked on all the little things last year, they were still a lot. Some functional aspects are not disclosed in the paper, but the source code will be ready soon. I send you the main file.

Source: news.bitcoin

The source code on the Bitcointalk published by the user under the name Cryddit. The publication Nakamoto first time uses the term “Bitcoin miner”. It is noteworthy that in wallpapere bitcoin on the miners as such word — there they are referred to as nodes. In addition, the blockchain was originally called “Timonina”.

Source: news.bitcoin

Before the release of the draft separate “denominations” of Bitcoin is called coin (1 000 000 Satoshi) and cents (10,000 Satoshi). The term “Satoshi” at that time nobody used. In the code comments refers to “atoms” and “user reviews”. In earlier versions it was assumed the existence of some evaluation system.

Source: news.bitcoin

Another potential use of Bitcoin — sending IRC messages, P2P marketplace, and even virtual poker. However, Satoshi refused to integrate these ideas into the final release of the Protocol. Over the years, the developers also decided not to integrate them into the Protocol the main cryptocurrency.

Source: news.bitcoin

Recall, Satoshi worked on Bitcoin up to version 0.3.19. In 2010, he handed over the reins to Gavin Andersen, and then vanished. Last year his account on P2P Foundation filed the first signs of life after a long break. However, the accessory was published there message to the original Creator of Bitcoin is still controversial.


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