Messages WhatsApp self survey automatically disappear after the specified time

The application of WhatsApp, which exceeded the number of users the limits of the billion and a half billion users around the world on a date with a new feature that will raise the efficiency of operation of the system of the user’s privacy.
Feature allows user to set up message with the fun Disappearing Messages working after the time you specify delete itself automatically from the phone to the third party.

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The user will find the option of time, which allows him to identify 5 seconds, or hours in the case of non-read messages from the party to the recipient during that period, the message disappear without the possibility to read them again.

New feature is the monitoring of the code from before the site of the famous WABetaInfo specialized in monitoring all that is new on the application WhatsApp without the other, where the mentioned location that the water somewhat similar to those that works by the application Snapchat.

The latest version of the application WhatsApp beta until now flash v2.19.275 and in the folds of this feature yet, but it’s coming without a doubt in the next versions despite the fact that the observers did not find, like the timing of this water supply.


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