Messages Signal system MacOS does not disappear entirely


One of the main reasons to use the messaging application Signal is it contains a feature to remove messages sent through it after a pre-determined period of time. This means that users can have private conversations really doesn’t leave any traces behind.

Unfortunately for users of the MacOS, it seems that this is the case. According to a new report released recently from the site of the Motherboard, it turns out that the messages of the Signal system MacOS does not disappear completely. It seems that, despite the disappearance of the messages in the app, the messages left in the notices never disappear.

This has been discovered initially by a security researcher Alec Muffett, who has published a warning to follow him on the Twitter network. Location enabled Motherboard also verify the presence of the error. Although this may be annoying for some, it may be as a spoiler image for people who use the Signal to work and need absolute privacy.

However, it seems that this may have nothing to do with the application of the Signal, but the way that the system MacOS with notifications. If you still want to continue to use the Signal, it may disable notifications on system MacOS would be a good idea until it is fixed, although we don’t know when will fix this bug, but hopefully that happens soon.


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