Mercedes review the model policy of the van with a new vision for electric cars #CES2019

Came to CES this year to a range of ads for major car manufacturers, Mercedes-Benz is one of the companies that had a large presence at this year’s show, where he has demonstrated the model of car self-driving van to support service delivery.

Car Vision Urbanetic is a new model auto electric van to offer Mercedes-Benz, come Special Delivery orders, shipping, or transporting people experience very quick.

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He also designed the Mercedes electric car seats multiple to support the transfer of people, also supports the design of the car dividing the car into two parts, where allocated to the first section for the car for a short period, while the allocated red zone in the car for the car for a long time.

Also features the design of the car interior by the dilation to the passengers well in sitting a comfortable experience, as the vehicle is characterized with a high ceiling with a view of the open glass roof, also the car comes electrical design supports the user screen information transmitting, or that you know from the Benz بhalo.

Recall that the policy Vision Urbanetic is a self-driving electric car, but it’s still a model under trade, so why not self-driving, fully, where the car is controlled by the remote controller from the developers of the Benz, but it is a new step in the future of self-driving cars.


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