Meizu does not overpower you without you to release its revolutionary smartphone

Chinese Meizu, a week earlier submitted a revolutionary smartphone Meizu Zero without physically keys and external connectors, start the fundraising for its production. Crowdfunding campaign to take part in which anyone was launched on the site IndieGoGo in the night from 30 to 31 January. The manufacturer expects to attract at least 100 thousand dollars to run the Assembly line and provide its most loyal fans truly exclusive.

Everyone who wants to participate in the campaign to raise funds and get the coveted smartphone, need to make 1299 dollars. A contribution of this size guarantees the right of a participant to receive a unit after the beginning of the production process. At the time of publication Meizu has managed to collect more than 23 thousand dollars of the required 100 thousand. However, given the size of the contribution, it appears that consumers do not have much faith in the success of Meizu Zero, and therefore do not seek to participate in this adventure.

Crowdfunding — as a way of protection

The need to collect funds for the production through crowdfunding platform for Meizu stems from her uncertainty about the success of their own product. It is obvious that analysts fully admit that the machine – especially on such a high for Chinese device price – will not be popular with the average consumer, and therefore chose to protect themselves from potentially unrecoverable costs for the purchase of components and the production line.

Meizu Zero uniqueness lies in its positioning. With it, the manufacturer has tried to prove that in the future the world will need to use all sorts of connectors, external accessories and even SIM card which you can replace the internal components. But the technical part of the phone definitely let us down. The device is equipped with last year’s Snapdragon 845 with 6 GB of RAM, a 6-inch AMOLED-display and 20-megapixel main camera.

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