Medium format for Galaxy S 10 next year!

Spins the table and talk now in the smart phone industry about the use of full screen and use the notes or reduce the area, we have seen many designs over recent times, Samsung may also have its own design!

الشكل المنتظر لهاتف جالكسي إس 10 العام القادم!
Medium format for Galaxy S 10 next year!

Moving recent reports that Samsung now choose to use the front camera in the form of a black dot the top of the screen in cell phones Galaxy S 10 coming next year as seen in the source image based on those reports.

It is known that Samsung changed the design of its phones every two years, since phones Galaxy S 8 and S 9 have the same design, we most likely will share a new design with a galaxy s 10.

In the phones iPhone find extrusion of the upper “sheet” petition in phones other than Huawei and Oppo Find that it is thinner. Other companies decided to dispense with the sheet altogether and use the full screen with a front camera and sliding.

Phones Galaxy S 10 the next to carry the processor by the processing of 7 nm and a camera background of the three-sensor fingerprint built-in screen, will be announced the end of the first quarter of 2019 next.

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