MediaTek showed what 5G will be equipped with smartphones

MediaTek 5G

Another innovative new hardware saw the light. MediaTek pleased with his modem Helio M70-supporting networks of the fifth generation. Because in 2019 is expected to release a number of 5G smartphones, the corresponding components become very relevant, and that means — companies-chipmakers announce their new chips, which is so important for mobile devices following a technological opportunity have been implemented.

MediaTek showed 5G modem Helio M70 in Guangzhou at the conference China Mobile Global Partner Conference. Modem, compatible with the future generation of mobile networks supported 5G NR, the expected bandwidth up to 5 gigabits per second, says Peter (Peter) on the resource page An important feature of the new hardware is that it provides backward compatibility with previous generations of wireless networks — 4G, 3G and even 2G.

What will please the Helio P90 processor from MediaTek

Helio M70

This feature means that Helio M70 may be the only modem of the mobile device that simplifies the design of the smartphone. Recently, MediaTek told us a bit about his upcoming chipset Helio P90, which is expected to impressive performance of artificial intelligence. It will be provided through the use of APU second generation and advanced platform NeuroPilot AI 2.0.

As soon expected to launch 5G networks, messages about upcoming devices that will support them, become particularly relevant.

It should be noted that earlier, Qualcomm was presented already reviewed the 855 chipset Snapdragon, which will find application in the flagship smartphones of 2019. The chipset will complete LTE modem X24, but it can be changed to support 5G network X50.

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