MediaTek is working on a processor compatible with the 5G networks will use technology to 7nm


Will the company MediaTek for the processor that supports 5G later this year. Will be manufacturing this processor using technology to 7 nanometers and will aim to get the largest possible segment of the market. Did not disclose officials and executives in the company for more details, but they said that it would be better than the processor MediaTek Helio P90 in terms of performance .

Company MediaTek already has a season MediaTek Helio M70 source, using technology to 7 nanometers by company TSMC. This is the season that supports the 5G, as well as the old networks to third generation networks. It is not clear whether the new processor will modem 5G built-or whether it will depend on the season MediaTek Helio M70. In both cases, it is expected that the use of the MediaTek Helio M70 in phones and other devices compatible with the 5G in the second half of the year 2020.

Earlier, the company said it is working on a processor uses the kernel Cortex-A76 new. May be this is the processor compatible with the 5G show, although there was no official confirmation until now.


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