Media: the launch of Manned spacecraft Crew Dragon from SpaceX may postpone until November

The second test launch of the manned spacecraft Crew Dragon, in which the ISS is planned to send a crew of two NASA astronauts, unable to move at the end of November 2019, the news Agency TASS, referring to an anonymous source in the space industry. We will remind that according to earlier plans, in July to be held the launch of the ship with pilots Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley on Board. The success of this mission will depend on – whether the Crew Dragon to get certified space Agency NASA for regular missions to the ISS.

According to the source TASS, the launch can transfer in the late autumn because at the moment manned spacecraft SpaceX is finally ready.

“The launch of Crew Dragon, most likely, will take in November because of comments to the qualification vehicle for flight crew”, — said the Agency interlocutor.

Besides, as specify the source, the Crew Dragon is planned to replace the parachute system, since it had questions after the first run of the International space station (ISS), which was held in unmanned mode.

By the way, reported that NASA had questions to some design features of the device company SpaceX, and speech, in particular, was just about the parachute system. Then it was noted that the Agency was not convinced of its effectiveness — design of the parachute system from a manned version of Dragon is different from the cargo version. Questions constructive, the Agency experienced and spacecraft CST-100 Cockpit from the Boeing company that in the end days turned to transfer the first test launch of the Starliner from April to August of this year.

We will remind that in 2011 for manned flights to the International space station used exclusively Russian space ships “Soyuz”. After closing the space Shuttle program in 2010, NASA and its partners have to use the services of the Russian “Roscosmos” to deliver their people into orbit. Currently the cost of one NASA astronaut is about $ 80 million. In USA new spacecraft for manned missions has developed SpaceX and Boeing.

First test launch to the ISS Crew of the ship Dragon company SpaceX took place on 2 March. Pristykovyvayas to the station on 3 March, the unit was in orbit for 6 days, and then returned back to Earth, provodnitsas in the Atlantic ocean.

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