Media Player VLC exceeds 3 million downloads and soon will support AirPlay and VR

مُشغّل الوسائط VLC يتجاوز 3 مليار عملية تنزيل وقريبًا سيدعم AirPlay و VR

In the last week and specifically in the activities of the conference of the CES 2019, announced VideoLan a company that works behind the famous Media Player VLC, about the imminent arrival applied this to the 3 million downloads end of the week, the day and the official overflow app this number whether on computers or mobile phones.

The company says that 25% of the figure comes from devices and mobile phones, which means that approximately 750 million downloads came from the platforms Android and iOS, but the company didn’t stop there, where he also announced about the update of the perpetrator to comment on Android by it will support AirPlay and VR.

Therefore, with the support of virtual reality “VR” users will be able VLC to watch movies “two-dimensional” in the environment of a scene of the Virtual by using special devices such as the HTC Vive, as it will support AirPlay for Android users to sync video tracks and music from their smartphone to prep the Apple TV.

As the company plans to create a media library for better ways to facilitate the switch from iTunes, and finally there is no timetable for sure launch update, but the company has indicated they need a month in order to make it accessible to everyone without any problems.

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